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1938 American writer Joyce Carol Oates was born

1945 painter Nicolás Raurich dies

1979 died Nicholas Ray, American film director.

HUMA3 International Art Portal by HUMA3 S.L. offers the most complete information about the Art World in the language of your choice (English, Spanish or Italian) under a digital magazine format and through a subscription service. The e-Magazine collaborates with more than 2000 Museums, Cultural Centers and Exhibition Halls all around the world and is also available on KINDLE (by Amazon).

HUMA3 S.L. also offers an exclusive service of artists representation, HUMA3 for Collectors , devoted to establish strong connections among artists, collectors and Institutions and also to organize solo and collective exhibitions.

And the third channel aiming to facilitate different cultural realities is HUMA3 VISIONS , devoted to actively represent public and private cultural organizations as well as Old and Modern Masters art collections, creating channels for cooperation with Museum and Exhibition Halls in Europe and Latin America in order to facilitate the itinerancy of the collections as exhibitions. HUMA3 also engages in many different activities related to the art fields, such as presentations, lectures and courses.

To contact us, you can write to info(at)huma3.com or call us on SKYPE, user HUMA3. You can also send us your printed material to Bajada de la Iglesia 8 (22550) Tamarite de Litera (HU) - Spain

The e-Magazine HUMA3 offers special and dedicated sections such as:

EXHIBITIONS with the most complete guide to the events all around the world comprising exhibitions, openings, biennials, festivals and fairs, with daily updating, covering some 500 cities and more than 700 international venues;

ART DIRECTORY bringing you all the detailed information related to Museums, Cultural Centres, Exhibition Halls, Biennials and Art Fairs including descriptions, locations, rates, schedules and a links to the institutional websites;

OUR CHOICES and NEWS, full image articles to be keep abreast of current events such as modern and contemporary art exhibitions, full Biennials coverage and inaugurations, and the latest art news;

GALLERIES a section exclusively dedicated to the Art Galleries: get to know better its trajectory and the artists represented.

FAIRS to know the better art fairs around the world.

and there ir more to discover, so stay tuned!

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