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1938 American writer Joyce Carol Oates was born

1945 painter Nicolás Raurich dies

1979 died Nicholas Ray, American film director.

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Now, Huma3 offers RSS feeds content, an XML-based format used to distribute updated content. You can read the HUMA3 news using any RSS reader (or a "feed reader" or "aggregator), available for download on the net.
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Reviews: articles and critic essays on the exhibitions all over the world

News: daily update

Events: a selection of the upcoming events and exhibitions all over the world, updated daily

RSS Feed F.A.Q.

  • Is this a free service?
    Yes. Huma3 RSS feeds include headlines and summary, with a link back to HUMA3.com to access to the full article.

  • Can I use the HUMA3 Feeds in my website or blog?
    Yes, but remember to add the attribution to HUMA3 and a complete copyright (included in the feed). See how to add the HUMA3 copyright: "© HUMA3 - International Art Portal www.huma3.com"

  • Can I add full articles to my website or blog?
    Yes, but this service is not for free. More info about it coming soon.

  • Is the service offered in other languages different than English?
    Yes, you can also subscribe to the Italian or the Spanish feeds; just click on the flags in the the top right bar of this page.

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