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Joanna Vasconcelos in Versailles

Pavillon de thé, 2012 Fer forgé, plants de jasmin 359 x 509 x 345 cm Collection de l'artiste
Marilyn (PA), 2011 Casseroles et couvercles en acier inoxydable, ciment (2x) 290 x 157 x 410 cm Collection de l’artiste Galerie des Glaces - Château de Versailles Photomontage | Crédit photo : Château de Versailles/ DMF, Lisbon
Lilicoptère, 2012 Hélicoptère Bell 47, plumes d’autruches , cristaux Swarovski, feuille d’or, peinture industrielle, intérieurs cuir teint et finement ciselés à l’or fin, tapis de Arraiolos, bois de noyer, peinture imitation bois, passementerie. 300 x 274 x 1265 cm Collection de l’artiste
Le Dauphin et la Dauphine, 2012 Faïence Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro émaillée polychrome, dentelle au crochet des Açores (2x) 84 x 125 x 140 cm Collection de l’artiste
Golden Valkyrie, 2012 Crochet en laine fait à la main, maille industrielle, tissus, ornements, polyester, câbles en acier. 650 x 1140 x 1360 cm Collection de l’artiste
Portrait : Miguel Domingos / © Unidade Infinita Projectos
After Jeff Koons and Veilhan, Takashi Murakami and Bernar, now is the turn of artist Joana Vasconcelos (Portuguese, born in Paris in 1971) to present her work at the Chateau de Versailles. 
She is the first woman -and the youngest artist- to present her installations in the most famous French Palace. Inspired by the palace itself, the artist has specially designed new works centered on the figure of the Woman, omnipresent in her approach.
The curator of the exhibition, Jean-François Chougnet, said: "The approach of the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos consists of the reappropriation of everyday objects which she transforms using inventive and unexpected techniques. These displacements produce hybrid objects made with azulejos (glazed ceramic tiles) and crochet work (a French word appropriated and amplified by the work of Portuguese women): they are stitched together, welded, gilded, etc. In a word, they undergo a metamorphosis".
"My work has developed around the idea that the world is an opera, and Versailles embodies the operatic and aesthetic ideal that inspires me. The works that I propose exist for this place. I see them as linked to Versailles in a timeless way. When I stroll through the rooms of the Palace and its Gardens, I feel the energy of a setting that gravitates between reality and dreams, the everyday and magic, the festive and the tragic. I can still hear the echo of the footsteps of Marie-Antoinette, and the music and festive ambiance of the stately rooms. How would the life of Versailles look if this exuberant and grandiose universe was transferred to our period?" Joanna Vasconcelos
The exhibition will run until September 30, 2012.
Vasconcelos will represent Portugal in the next Venice Biennale 2013



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